Athletic Injury Treatment

Why do Athletes Need Regular Chiropractic Care?

Imagine looking your 17-year-old football player in the eye and telling him that he will miss the senior year of his football season and that his wrestling season is also in jeopardy because of a recent injury. It is a heartbreaking experience. What makes it worse is knowing that with regular chiropractic care, his back would have been stronger and more stable, more prepared to withstand the minor flexion that led to major injury.

Now imagine that you are a healthy adult who has exercised regularly all your life. You go to the gym and repeat your typical routine, or perhaps you switch it up today for some variety. What you don’t recognize is how that movement, typical or new, will affect your aging joint today. You feel something pop, slide, and then tighten. The pain sets in and you realize that you are done for today…and possibly the next few weeks.

Add Flexibility and Stability

Dr. Ryan Mairs can perform a Structural Fingerprint Exam to identify areas of imbalance or weakness in athletes. Based on this assessment and your personal history, he can prescribe a stretching, exercising, and supporting regimen to help create stability in your joints and prevent injury. Regular chiropractic care keeps those joints limber and flexible, prevents tight muscles that over-compensate for misaligned joints, and provides relief from the occasional small mishap on the field or in the gym.

If the unfortunate happens and major injury occurs, Dr. Ryan Mairs is well-equipped to manage that injury and get your body back to optimal condition in a safe and stable way. Beyond the benefit of chiropractic adjustments, our clinic uses state of the art techniques including Cold Laser, Kinesio-Tape, and advanced muscle techniques that all work together to decrease inflammation, increase circulation, and prevent scar tissue as much as possible.

Committed to Patients

Dr. Ryan Mairs is committed to continually training and educating himself on the latest improvements in the care of athletes. Part of this commitment is being a member of the group Concerned Parents of Young Athletes (CPOYA). At Precision Chiropractic & Wellness, our goal is to assist every patient to achieve their goals of Health, Wellness, and a joy-filled Life!
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