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Chiropractic Visits for Your Child

Dr. Ryan Mairs is ICPA certified as a pediatric chiropractic doctor. He loves to work with all ages but has a special interest in caring for children and babies, believing if a child is given the gift of good health, they will be stronger and healthier adults, having a lasting effect on not only their physical health but also on their quality of life.  

Specialized training has equipped him to help with common childhood complaints ranging from earaches to colic and digestive issues. Eighteen years of experience has equipped him to GENTLY work with your child to correct subluxations that result from the everyday tumbles of childhood BEFORE they become chronic injuries.  

Many of the issues that we as adults face have their origins in the way that our bodies developed in childhood. If the original issues of “minor” injuries and poor posture can be addressed early on, years of pain and struggle can be avoided down the road.  

Wellness visits aren’t just for the medical clinic and dental office. Consistent chiropractic care helps to promote healthy growth and development, addressing their ever-changing bodies and needs from newborn infants through active teenagers.

Care for Expectant Mothers

Who needs chiropractic during pregnancy? YOU AND YOUR BABY!!  

Low back pain, numbness in the fingers, shooting electrical pain in the legs… Many soon-to-be moms consider these and other symptoms to be normal, expected problems during pregnancy. While they are very common, you do not have to resign yourself to the fact that they will be a necessary part of pregnancy. The simple truth of the matter is that your body is going through a tremendous change in a relatively short period of time and either adapts to it, or pain results.

The average healthy weight gain during pregnancy is between 25-35 pounds. Any time someone increases in weight by that much, it would likely cause pain if the spine and pelvis were not functioning correctly. That is why so many of the pregnant moms in my practice start seeing me early in their pregnancy. By keeping that flexible pregnant body in alignment, baby has room to grow and mom stays happier and healthier through all 9 months, often avoiding complications such as breech presentation and unnecessary pain during their pregnancy.  

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